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Social Justice


Even after the marching, I dedicate my life to listen, learn, and remain on the right side of history while we work to destroy the systemic oppression of Black and Brown people. I feel that documenting and participating in this ongoing movement is incredibly important, be it doing the work from home, in everyday conversation, or activism. 

Fourth of Youly Event Speaker holding child
Fourth of Youly speaker pouring Libations
Fourth of Youly event rap artist Suntonio Bandanaz
Fourth of Youly event child holding sign saying accountability not impunity
Seattle anti-ICE march courthouse broken windows
Seattle anti-ICE march crowd marching
anti-ICE march Revolution Now truck of volunteer medics
pay the fee spray painted on broken Amazon Go windows
Broken door with no parking sign in front of it
Starbucks broken storefront
"Fuck ICE" written on broken glass shard
Broken Amazon Go window
protester in front of courthouse
Protester with "by any means necessary" sign
Broken Amazon Go window with spray painted text "I didn't see shit"
Burned and melted American flag
No Justice No Peace
Be Antiracist
Love Trumps Hate
Black Lives Matter
Juneteenth Crowd Seattle
Juneteenth March Seattle
Juneteenth Porch Support
How Many More?
Juneteenth Marching Seattle
Juneteenth March Window Support
It's My Turn To Listen
Family Porch Support Juneteenth
BLM Fist
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