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Thank you for your interest in my services! Below is all the information you will need to know. 

I currently live in West Seattle; please keep in mind about parking and traffic when booking a photo shoot with me!



Before I get into my pricing...


Photography is an art. People commonly feel the need to argue with photographers about pricing or abandon ship when they see the price tag! I assure you, the price isn't just to take the photos. The price includes the hours of editing and care put into each photo. The price is for the artistic eye of the photographer and ability to adapt to different lighting as well as pose the subject properly. The price is for the equipment and technology needed to execute amazing photos! So you see, while photography is expensive, the money goes towards way more than you think! 

My rate is 150$ per hour and includes:

- Editing

- No photo limit

- Artistic vision

Questions? Feel free to contact me any time!



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