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Book a Sesh!

Thank you for your interest in my services! Below is all the information you will need to know. 

Please note that I currently live in Bellingham, WA and will charge an additional transportation fee if you need me to commute to Seattle for your photo shoot!

Pricing and FAQ - Please Read Prior to Contacting:

What is the rate and what does it include?
My rate is 200$ per hour and includes:

  • Editing

  • No photo limit

  • No outfit limit

  • Artistic vision

How long will it take before I get my photos?

Within 1-2 weeks depending on shoot length. 

Can I share my photos right as I get them and how do I credit you?

Yes! You can share them as soon as you receive your Google Drive folder. Here's how to properly credit me:

  • Tag my photography Instagram @erikalamothephotography both on the photo and in description

Other requests and important information:

  • Do not crop my images, edit, or add filters over them. Tell me if I need to fix something, and I will do so promptly!

  • Please keep in mind that Instagram forces images into a square - use a square fitting application if you must. A 5x7 cannot be posted with a square image without it being cropped. Please avoid this!

  • Please do not ask for raw images or additional images. I need your trust that I am sending the absolute best images. 



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