About Me

There is always so much to say in the "about me" page of every website. My go-to would be the "Hi, I'm Erika Lamothe. I'm a photographer, I like food, and I have a cat." You know, the regular. BUT If I had said just that, you would have a hard time seeing why my social media is "Normality is Boring". 

I have always been an artist. I have always drawn since I was a kid. Fast forward to high school, I would try to freak everyone around me out by drawing bizarre things like fish-hooks in people's lips. My art has only since carried on being more strange as we fast forward once more to now, where I collage and draw on vintage photographs and make people skeletal. So far, it's been working out pretty well!

When I picked up the camera several years ago, I tried the wedding and senior portrait thing, but I knew that it was definitely not for me. It was normal, it was boring, and also very limiting. I wanted to be more artistic and expressive. I then completely changed from regular smile and pose to being "okay put this sheet over your head and dance around." I can't picture myself taking photos of the same poses and the same plastic smiles ever again; so if you're weird, then you'll love my ideas. 


Modeling has helped me in so many ways and has allowed me to smash the stereotype I've always seen in magazines and websites. I want to showcase modeling as art and I also need to learn what poses look best in which lighting, and which expressions convey specific messages! In other words: it is awesome in more ways than one.

I hope you enjoy my portfolio as much as I do!


Erika Lamothe Art

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This is the art of Erika Lamothe: Art, Photography, and Modeling. All modeling photography is credited to the rightful owners.