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Topaz Salon Iceland Debut

In September of 2023, I embarked on a personal solo journey to Iceland! I rented a car and, yes, I drove around the entire island capturing the beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, glaciers, and more. I felt connected to myself more than ever; embracing the quiet serenity the island provides. I could hear the grasses rubbing against each other in the wind. I could feel the mist from the waterfalls kiss my face. I could bask in the geothermal pools. I gazed upon the amazing Northern Lights in grand shapes and colors. Everything I set out to do, I accomplished. Now, I can finally share this experience with you. I am displaying these works in frame at Topaz Salon located in downtown Bellingham - each priced at $200 for 12x18 sizes and $100 for 10x10 sizes (excludes shipping fee). Please contact me directly to purchase an art piece. If you live outside of Bellingham, I am willing to ship to your home.

Thank you for visiting!


Viking Village Film Set Höfn

Vik Black Sand Beach

Seljalandsfoss I - SOLD

Elephant Rock

Námafjall I

Námafjall II

Mossy Volcanic Rock Fields

Lighthouse Höfn

Seljalandsfoss II - SOLD


Katla Glacier I

Strokkur Geyser - SOLD

Katla Glacier III


Katla Glacier II

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon


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