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This is where you will find my favorite highlighted images. I have been working with amazing women, artists, and musicians and cannot wait to continue to highlight my work with them! Current goals of mine are to be a portrait musician photographer and well-known street photographer, so these subjects will take top priority.

Hep Alien
Marlow Rae
Alex Olobia
Burned and melted American flag
Maleah Woodley
Be Antiracist
Say It Louder
Train Station in Japan
Foggy Walk in Japan

Erika Lamothe Art

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© 2020 by Erika Lamothe

This is the art of Erika Lamothe: Art, Photography, and Modeling. All modeling photography is credited to the rightful owners. You do not have the right to copy, steal, publish, print, or utilize any of the work seen here for any reason without permission. 

Maleah Woodley

Up-and-coming actress and Athlete

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