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This is the art of Erika Lamothe: Vintage Drawings, Seattle Photography, and Seattle Modeling. All modeling photography is credited to the rightful owners.

Erika Lamothe Photography

Each person you find here are all unique and wonderful beings. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking photos of each of them. The personality of each person shines as I pose them in a way I feel will help capture who they are and their own uniqueness. I invite ideas, no matter how crazy, and invite each person to be themselves. I have taken most of these photos in or around the Seattle area as I live very near the city. My goals for my photography is to stay artistic, let the person unleash themselves, and avoid being like everyone else. 

The street photos you see are my favorite and best photos from my adventures. When I go on trips, I take pictures of things and people I find interesting. The Streets of DC was my first ever attempt at street photography and I absolutely fell in love with it. I didn't have Photoshop, and I didn't yet take pictures in raw (oops). I actually didn't start using Photoshop until I started editing photos of Ayami, so you'll be able to see a difference in editing skills (or not.. don't look too hard). For a long time I was anti-photoshop and a purist so to speak. I had this idea in my head that Photoshop meant taking the natural features away from people-- but I was absolutely wrong about that. In Photoshop, I intend to keep my images as natural as possible, crop carefully, and inspect every single lighting and coloration element. I preserve the natural beauty of the people I photograph and the world that surrounds me because I believe that dramatic changes are unnecessary. I hope you enjoy looking  through my work!!

Erika Lamothe Art